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With one of the most solid reputations among TV networks countrywide, the History Channel provides satellite TV subscribers with some of the most interesting and enriching shows available today. The perfect antidote for all the other mind-corroding junk to be seen on TV, the History Channel brings qualified professionals to the fore on some of human and natural history's most controversial and salient topics, which means you get smarter watching it! From underground cities to universal phenomena, there isn't a single show on this channel that won't broaden your understanding of the world we all live in.
On the standard-bearer, the History Channel, there are my favorites Cities of the Underworld and Ancient Discoveries: in the former, you'll discover truly unexpected, elaborate underbellies to cities throughout the world, revealing a darker side to history that few people today know about; in the latter, you'll learn about the most important advances in our understanding of the ancient world, replete with graphically-exquisite digital recreations and beautiful, real life shots of the locations at hand. These shows are just a fraction of the quality programming to be had on the History Channel, and fine examples of the standard of excellence which permeates every offering.
Then, also available on satellite TV, you'll also have access to History International, Military History, History Education, as well as History en Español, all of which are the History Channel's affiliates.
History International will let you learn more about all the foreign cultures which you've probably never been able to visit but would like to get to know. A perfect way to crack out of your shell.
Military History brings you into close contact with some of the most epic military campaigns ever waged in US and world history. Get the perspectives of the people that fought in the trenches, the generals that orchestrated the battles, the civilians who suffered the consequences, and the historians that years later give their verdict on the subject. A great watch, full of equally great shows, and definitely recommended for viewing in HD.
History Education, another beautiful spawn of the History Channel, gives viewers a curious look at the development and implementation of different pedagogical theories and a general history of how educational institutions have progressed (or not, in some cases) with the passage of time. A valuable resource for parents and teachers alike.
History en Español, beyond being a great resource for native Spanish speakers the world over (let's not forget that satellite TV is a global industry), could also be an excellent tool for anybody learning Spanish as a foreign language. In fact, satellite subscribers have entire programming packages in Spanish available to them; think about how quickly you could learn another language in those circumstances.
Don't miss out on these quality spectacles, especially if you value your brain and the tube's effect on it. The History Channel has excelled at providing unique and highly professional education content, so don't squander such a marvelous resource. Fortunately, the History Channel has its own separate HD feed (in the higher numbers), so you can be sure to catch all of these wonderful programs-and their enlightening effects-in astonishing video quality.

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