Watch TV Streaming TV : Downloading VS Streaming TV Shows

If you don't want to or you're unable to sit in front of your TV for a long time while waiting for your favorite TV show to come on, or you're busy with work during their time slot, or even if you just don't want to deal with all the commercials and interruptions, you have two alternative means of watching a TV show using the Internet.

The two alternative ways you have to choose between is whether you want to download TV shows on your hard disk for later viewing, to stream it straight from the server and watch it in your browser. They both have their own pros and cons, and here are the following things you need to consider before choosing:

Downloading TV shows on your hard disk is ideal if you don't have the fastest of Internet connections and if you want to option of viewing it anytime you want without the need to download the entire file again. Unfortunately, a lot of syndicated TV shows are not available for download and the ones that you do find may have been illegally reproduced and uploaded, so depending on the laws of the country and state you're in, you may be committing a crime when you download TV shows to your hard disk.

So it's always better to avoid downloading TV shows from torrents and warez site. There are also the possibility of virus attacks. There is no assurance on the quality of file downloaded. There are some other membership sites where you can download any tv shows you need. Once you get their membership you can download unlimited Tv shows.

With streaming, there's a large library of TV shows that are legally available for viewing, majority of them are being offered by the copyright owners themselves. Unfortunately, if your Internet connection is too slow, you may find the whole viewing experience unpleasant, as you will most certainly experience skips, stutters, and slowdowns, not to mention most of streamed videos are of low quality to lower their file size and the bandwidth it requires to stream them. In the end it's really just a matter of the capability of your connection, your willingness to deal with legal gray areas, and your personal preference.

I would suggest one source each for the 2 above mentioned options. If you have slow internet connection then Download TV shows here. If you have faster internet connection then you can Watch TV shows Online

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