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How can I get streaming Online TV on my PC?

Streaming Online TV on your PC for free of charge is easy from the internet. There are several ways that you can watch satellite TV online from your computer. Some are cheaper than others while some are absolutely free. There are also other methods that involve installation of certain devices on your computer to enable them capture world online TV channels. Some of the most common ways of getting satellite TV include:

1. Capturing TV in Internet through Computer TV Cards

Otherwise referred to as PCTV cards, these are small gadgets ad ons that can be attached to PC card slots at the back of your PC. The PC TV cards are cheap on the market and come with a special installation software that includes a media player which could either be a Winamp or media player.

Once installed, you will need an external antennae which in most cases is a thin small cable that you can attach to the wall by using duct tape.

If you are not a computer tech, you may need services of a technician to do the installation and set up. This TV by PC cards will broadcast free to air TV channels to your computer at no charge. The computer TV toolbar is an easy to use interface through which you can browse through channels and adjust picture quality and sound as you desire.

2. Capturing Internet radio and TV through free Websites

There are many websites that offer free online TV. Most of these websites will only need you to register your names and email with them and then log in to be able to watch free TV. The free TV websites broadcast TV channels from across the world and can also be viewed from anywhere in the world with broadband internet connection.

The only downside with these free satellite TV websites is that they tend to have a lot of interruptions. Due to the absolutely free nature of the internet TV services, there are so many people that try to access them at a go from all over the world.

The result is that you will mostly get an error message afew seconds from starting to watch free satellite TV from these websites. Their servers cannot simply cope with the huge demand for free TV worldwide.

3. Capturing free internet broadband TV thru a computer TV software download

There are new internet super TV softwares that instantly turn your PC into a TV. These softwares offer a very wide selection of online TV in different languages. The PCTV Softwares are programmed to capture Free-To-Air TV channels from across the world including news, sports, educational and shopping channels. These softwares are retailed in very many places over the internet.

The free internet TV softwares are cheap and easy to download and install. The downlload itself takes less than 2 minutes and you will be watching online TV on your dell or Compaq computer on the third minute from download. The quality of the picture and sound of each of these Computer TV softwares vary greatly.

The cost of most of these TV softwares for computer cost an average of $50 and below. Some of the higher priced softwares are an indication of better picture and sound quality. The number of TV channels online offered by these programs range from 3000 to a record 10,000. You will find however that all that you need to watch is approximately a quarter of them since the rest may be in a foreign language.

Watch a demo trial of PC on online TV softwares by following the links below and start streaming online TV on PC free.

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